About Me

My name is Jitesh Singh. I am a computer programmer, hacker, tech enthusiast, mathematics and physics lover. Since my childhood, I have been passionately curious about the nature and the working of Systems whether natural or artificial. I study the things and find a great pleasure in playing with them. I spend most of my time with computers. I believe in inventing smart algorithms and improving the existing ones by obviously breaking them.

Academically, I am a B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering, passed out in 2016.

Professionally, I have been working in React, Redux, Android, iOS Swift, Python Django, Core and Enterprise Java, MySQL DBMS and many other technologies, can very quickly pickup new technologies and have a strong passion for writing excellent quality code and efficient softwares. You can download my latest resume here.

You can contact me from here or email me at contact at this site. If you are a security enthusiast, my PGP Key Fingerprint is:

xyz abc xyz abc xyz abc to be added

You can download the key here.