1. Hash Cracker
HackCracker is a cryptanalytic tool that attempts to find plain texts of Message Digest (MD5, MD2) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1, SHA256) hashes by performing brute-force attack.
30 million attempts per second on Intel Core i7.
Platform: Java
PAD File: hashbruteforcer_padfile.xml

2. Hash Computer
A convenient tool for calculating hashes of very large files. Very simple UI and displays progress bar, ETA etc. which are not available in popular command line tools.
Platform: Java
PAD File: hashcomputer_padfile.xml

3. Easy PAD
PAD(Portable Application Description) XML Generator Tool.
Presents a simple and convenient UI to enter app details and then generate the PAD file.
Platform: Java
PAD File: easypad_padfile.xml

4. Remote MySQL Password Finder
This tool can recover the password of any user on a local or remote MySQL Server by performing brute-force attack. It can be used to recover the lost password of a MySQL Server.
Platform: Java
PAD File: remotemysqlpasswordfinder_padfile.xml

5. Instant MySQL Password Remover
This tool can instantly remove the password of any user on a MySQL Server. However, it assumes that you have admin or root privileges on the host system.
Platform: Java
PAD File: instantmysqlpasswordremover_padfile.xml

6. DNS Changer
It is a very sophisticated tool to change the DNS(Domain Naming System) entries of your Windows System.
Platform: Java on Windows
PAD File: dnschanger_padfile.xml

7. System Information Changer
A tool for changing important system informations on Windows. Currently, it can change Motherboard, BIOS, OEM and Processor details. Only for fun and educational purposes.
Platform: Java on Windows
PAD File: systeminformationchanger_padfile.xml

8. UDM
A download manager, accelerator and scheduler written in Core Java. Very light-weight and minimalistic UI written in JavaFX.
Provides very advanced features through a beautiful UI.
Platform: Java, JavaFX

9. LittleRAT
Remote Access Tool written in Core Java. It provides screen monitoring with multi­-touch gestures and keyboard controls, file management with read, write and execute features, shell access, task management and many other features.
Platform: Java

10. JNetCut
ARP Cache Poisoning based network jammer. User is presented with a list of Network Interfaces, on selecting an interface, the list of live nodes in the network is presented. User then selects one or more nodes to cut them out of the network. Basically, the packets between Router/Gateway and the target nodes are mis-directed to a non-existing address at data-link layer.
Platform: Java

11. JNetSpy
ARP Spoofing based Man-In-The-Middle attacker written in Core Java and C++. It can monitor network traffic between two nodes in local network.
Platform: Java

12. Cafebabe
JAR to Native package Converter written in Core Java and C++.
Protects the Java Byte Codes by encrypting and packing them into native packages.
Platform: Java

13. RemoteUnzip
This tool can download only specific entries of a remote ZIP archive.
Useful for situations where the archive is very large in size and only specific entries of the archive is actually needed. It can prevent the need to download whole of the archive.
Platform: Java

14. EasyShare
A network file sharing tool made in Core Java. It can share files via TCP Socket, HTTP and FTP.
Platform: Java, JavaFX

15. HttpX
A very light weight Web Server API in Core Java. Provides very basic features. Highly extensible and flexible.
Platform: Java

16. Catalina
A web based “Remote File Management” tool using JSP and Servlet. Runs as a web application inside Apache Tomcat.
Platform: Java

17. Catalina Standalone
A standalone version of above mentioned Catalina, written in Core Java and uses the above mentioned HttpX as web server.
Provides same features as the web app version.
Platform: Java

18. LibJson
Very flexible, lightweight (~8KiB) and simple to use JSON library for Java. Supports conversion of Java Objects into JSON.

19. AwesomeMusic
A music player in JavaFX. Offers a beautiful and minimalistic user interface with library, playlists, equalizer, music visualisation and advanced search abilities. I use it as the primary music player on my arch linux system, runs beautifully on any Java J2SE enabled operating system.
Platform: Java, JavaFX

20. AwesomeMail
Aim is to develop a beautiful mail app for Java platform using JavaFX.
Platform: Java, JavaFX