Hash Cracker

HashCracker is a cryptanalytic tool that attempts to find plain texts of Message Digest (MD5, MD2) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1, SHA256) hashes by performing brute-force attack.

The tool is written purely in Java and uses java.security.MessageDigest API provided by Java SE to calculate hashes. User Interface is written in JavaFX.

You can specify the hash, hash type, char set, minimum length, maximum length, starting string, ending string and number of threads to use and click on start button to begin the brute-force process.

While in progress, you can suspend and resume the process. You can also dump the current state of the process to a file. Later on this file can be used to resume the process from the same point.

Speed: 30 million attempts per second
Java Threads: 8
Algorithm: MD5
CPU: Intel Core i7 3610QM
Configuration in use: 8 Core, 8 Threads, 2.3 GHz per core, Turbo boost upto 3.5 GHz per core (boosted till 3.1 GHz)